I'm some of those individuals who desires to do myself to everything when it comes to party planning or vacations or occasions. Ramus and Fahm were committed in the Edgewater Hotel last September (on Seafair evening, really, which meant finding through the crowds and circumnavigating the plugged-off downtown roads, with five boxed cake tiers inside the car, was nothing less than a nailbiting experience). Photography (oh, I love working with friends!) caught some amazing pictures when I assembled the pairis five-tiered pastry on site through the cocktail hour.

Their four-tiered cake provided meals for 150-160 attendees in three different tastes: Cherry Almond (wet almond cake having an natural cherry mousseline stuffing), Dalmatian (vanilla buttermilk cake studded with dark-chocolate custom cake toppers chips, stuffed with chocolate truffle cream), and Peanut Butter Cup (dark chocolate pastry, filled up with peanut Swiss meringue buttercream and chopped Reese's peanut butter cups).

The spherical cupcake covers are for daring crafters having a little encounter (or folks who arenot experienced but are really daring), since they require die cutting. If you then follow the rest of the recommendations with this page and do, you will be paid with professional-looking birthday cupcake toppers that may impress your friends and household! There are also two sheets with rectangular toppers if for whatever purpose you never wish to tackle the circles. Additionally, there are the additional with a birthday cake, greater hues along with richer and two styles: one having female white and a floral history and pink flowers.